Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Share a presentation on a CD Essay Example for Free

Share a presentation on a CD Essay Introduction: For this unit I have been asked to produce a specification for an ICT system that will meet the needs of the company. The company that I will be providing the ICT system is called Mags Estate Agents, the main goal for the company is to sell and rent homes for their clients and arrange mortgages for buyers and provide other services. The company is new and they are thing of opening an office in a town or a village and they need a computer system that will be used by the staff. The company needs a system that will do many tasks and the company is hoping to find a system that will do: Â  Show multimedia presentations of the houses available to prospective buyers. Keep records of properties for sale that can be searched based on buyer requirements. Keep records of clients and buyers, including their requirements. Produce large numbers of high quality letters, property information sheets and other documents in color. Â  Send personalized letters to all buyers looking for a particular type of property. Access competitors websites to check what properties they are offering. Send and receive emails. Â  Keep a diary for all staff of appointments with clients and buyers to view properties. I will also been ask to include a system that will allow the computers to connect to the LAN. Inputs: This is what the company is expected to input in their computer system: The clients name, address, telephone and other details and also the company Company requirements the size of the family, age of the family members and if any of the family members need special needs. The company will also need to input the details of property, the size of the house the clients looking for, what area they are looking for, how many bedrooms they are looking for and if they want a garden or a garage or a front lone. The company will also need store the information about the house prices and if the property is available or not and also need to store details about the clients. The company will also need to find a way of keeping the entire client appoints time and place to meet the staff; they will have to find a way to prioritise their prospective buyers and their needs. Outputs: This is what the company is expected to output out of their computer system: They company will need to produce newsletters for their staff, and also produce business cards for their customers and clients. They also need print out a list of what houses are available to be sold and rented and which are not. They also need print out statistics and their database. The company will also need print out their multimedia presentations to give it there staff in the meetings. They will also need to print out records of staff and clients. They will also need to print out property information sheet so that they can advertise their property. They will also have to print out there e-mail they receive form clients and form other branches. They may also need to print out there toolbars that they made out of the information they collected form the client. Required software: Mags Estate Agents needs software to carry out their tasks, they will need softwares that could allows them to create newsletters, presentation, letters, questionnaire sheets, web browser, create information database and also need a operating system. These are the softwares that I will be recommending to Mags Estate Agents to use: Operating system: An operating system is what allows the computer perform the tasks the user is doing and the newer the operating system the better it gets, and a operating system is a special computer program that manages the relationship between application software, I will be recommending Microsoft Windows XP professional because it is the newest and XP professional is more stable then the other system and it will handle most of what Mags Estate Agents will need to do with out crashing and Defend the PC Against Viruses, Worms and Hackers with Advanced Security installed freely. Multimedia software: Mags Estate Agents will need multimedia software that allows them to create presentations for clients and their staff and also to make posters to advertise their company. For this task I will be recommending Microsoft PowerPoint because Microsoft PowerPoint has Help Control Presentation Distribution, Share a Presentation on a CD, Broaden Your Reach, Mark up Slides, Bring Presentations to Life with Custom Animations, Add Impact with Graphics and Tap the Power of Smart Tags, and all these features make Microsoft PowerPoint the perfect choice and it also cheep the other competitors. Database Software: Megs Estate Agents will need database software because they will need to keep clients details, meeting times and place and also keep of tracks of statistics. I will be recommending Microsoft Access because this software can do may tasks: Incorporate a Wide Range of Data Sources, Get the Most from Your Enterprise Data, Link Business Systems, Take Advantage of Flexible XML Import and Export, Share Information More Efficiently, Publish Forms and Reports on the Web, Deploy Access 2003 Without Missing a Beat, Run Macros with More Confidence, Help Block Potentially Unsafe Functions, Back Up Your Information in a Snap. View Dependency Information, Let Access 2003 Check for Errors, Choose AutoCorrect Options, Find the Help You Need Get Context-Based Help in SQL View, Update Properties Automatically, Dress Up Your Database and Polish Your Forms, Save Time with Smart Tags, Analyze Information in Powerful Ways and Format Fonts in SQL Views, these are the features that makes Microsoft Assess and leading database software and this is why I recommended Microsoft Assess Word processing software: Megs Estate Agents will need Word processing software because they will have to produce letters newsletters.

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