Saturday, November 2, 2019

Customer Strategy Plan of FedEx Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Customer Strategy Plan of FedEx - Assignment Example FedEx main metrics to retain the company’s most valued customers starts with examining potential avenues that could lead to loss of customers. The company will work to develop different ways to build value and strengthen its commercial relationship. There are four pivotal strategies FedEx can apply to win the client’s loyalty. The first is customer segmentation which involves the process of grouping the clients into segments based on their needs and preferences (Beck, 2010). Segmentation will allow FedEx to outline the major clienteles persona based on past relationship with the company. The main aim of this process is to identify what clients are committed to FedEx, up to what level they are loyal and what category do they fall under. Loyalty according to Beck (2010) is a result of customer orientation, brands in the market, the business transaction model and the client’s decision making. This will assist FedEx to determine what segments provide better opportunities so that the company can focus its resources, beneficial clients. The second strategy is to prioritize the customer needs using innovative means to offer tailor-made services. After realizing the customer’s realities FedEx intends to rise to the challenge by delivering the best value revising its service, price, and marketing strategy to boost the customer’s loyalty. FedEx seeks to elevate its staff skills to enable them to identify the customer’s specific need so as to provide them with the best solution to their need. Improving the employee’ skills according to Kumar and Reinartz (2012) allow the prospective customers receive personalized service. FedEx will revisit its pricing strategies to ensure that certain clien ts enjoy special annual discounts without sacrificing profit margins.  

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